Paul Scoffin

By 17 February, 2022

Senior Rigger

Paul Scoffin is an international yachtsman and professional rigger from Auckland, New Zealand well known in the Super Yacht and America’s Cup industries.

He has traveled the world providing project coordination, stepping and commissioning of the world’s largest sailing rigs including but not limited to P2, Rebecca, Marie, Nirvana, Timoneer 2, Christopher, Ethereal, Aglaia, Hetairos, Adele, SY- A, and Drumbeat.

Paul’s America’s Cup experience began with the inaugural New Zealand Americas Cup Challenge team in 1985 for the challenge in Perth in 1987 and retained by the team for the 1992 Americas Cup Challenge in San Diego. Paul then joined Marten Marine Industries in their design and drafting department and continued his alliance with Southern Spars/ Rig-Pro after the merger. 3POPP

Paul remains active as an expert in superyacht rigs and rigging. He continues to work as a contract rigger for Southern Spars/Rig Pro. He is also a competitive dinghy sailor having won numerous regional and national tiles. Currently Paul competes in the Flying Dutchman and the 505 classes. Paul is married and lives in San Diego, Ca.