Chris Walker

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Business Manager RigPro Europe

Chris started working for RigPro in New Zealand at the start of 2015 before moving to Palma in the summer of 2017 to develop RigPro in Europe. A background in industrial design and award winning Superyacht refits make Chris uniquely qualified to understand our customers’ needs and to deliver tailored projects.

Hamish Miller

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RigPro Global General Manager

Hamish joined RigPro in 2018 but he had a long standing working relationship with RigPro. He has more than 10 years of experience in rigging services and projects including commissioning of new rigs, warranty repairs, emergency damage repairs and service maintenance. Hamish consistently provided outstanding service to customers, developing its excellent reputation in the rigging service sector.

Steve Young

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Service Design Manager

Steve moved from New Zealand to become the first member of RigPro Palma in the beginning of 2017. He has almost 20 years of mast and boom design experience with both Southern Spars and Marten Spars. As a qualified engineer he was formerly responsible for Southern Spars boom engineering and assisting to manage the engineering team, he has been involved in the design of hundreds of rigs. Steve has extensive experience in the construction of composites, as well as mechanical and hydraulic systems. He has a passion for sailing with extensive racing experience to a national title level in New Zealand. Steve can advise on all engineering aspects including damage repair, NDT and upgrades.