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RigPro’s Recommended Service Programme.

RigPro is now offering RigPro Care – a bespoke planned/scheduled service maintenance programme that includes the service recommendation for all the rig and rigging products on your yacht. A fundamental component of RigPro Care is a RigPro global service database which provides access to yacht service records & future scheduled maintenance across all RigPro service centres and service technicians. Access your personalised service log and receive service reminders anytime, anywhere through RigPro’s online customer portal.

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Rig Pro Care is…

  • Ultimate safety and optimal performance. The RigPro team has intimate knowledge of all the NTG Mast products and recommended service requirements, as well as all superyacht and racing yachts’ latest and most innovative products. We have preferential access to NTG Mast original equipment manufacturer knowledge and information.
  • The only authorised service provider for and also Omohundro,
    Marten Spars and Nordic Mast (the NTG Mast products).
  • Rig and rigging engineered solutions for any requirement
    RigPro Care works uniquely in the industry with the RigPro
    Engineering design team, dedicated to your service
  • Easy access to service. RigPro is the global rigging service provider with five service centres and mobile teams. We look after your yacht wherever you are.
  • Visibility on past and scheduled service. RigPro Care gives you full visibility to all service activity carried out with RigPro.
  • Clarity on service requirements. RigPro Care recommended service programme is clearly explained in the RigPro Care manual specific for each yacht, also available in electronic format.
  • Peace of mind for captains and yacht managers. We will let you
    know in advance what are the next phases of the RigPro Care
    programme and discuss with you when to schedule them.

RigPro Care includes the following recommended scheduled rig service cycle and special unscheduled inspections and full service:

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“With the senior riggers that they have got in place, the engineering team, and their overall experience and knowledge, you have got great people who know what they are talking about, are fun to work with and they do the best job.”

Paul Middelberg Captain, SY Odin

More on Rig Pro Care

RigPro Care after the rig and rigging commissioning is based on Visual Inspections and Full Service cycles. A visual inspection is recommended every year (or every six months during the first year after commissioning) and a full service in five year cycles. Special inspections and full service include the same activities as scheduled inspections and special services.

Visual Inspection

All visual inspections are carried out according to the equipment and systems manufacturer recommendations.
The main purpose of the visual inspection is to determine the conditions of the rig and rigging.
Lubricate all accessible mast fittings.
Retune mast and check jack pressures (every other year for
scheduled maintenance). A dock tune check is undertaken as the
mast is being jacked up to ensure the rig tensions are correct and
the spar is centred.
Review and update the RigPro Care log.
Issue the Inspection report and recommended actions.

Inspections include:

· Rigs jacked down (every other year for scheduled maintenance),
· Inspect and lubricate terminals such as cold heads.
· Full visual inspection of the rig, rigging and related fittings without
un-stepping including:
· Rigs (internal lock, sheaves, etc.)
· Spreaders
· Standing rigging
· Running rigging (visible parts only)
· Hydraulics

Full Service

A comprehensive inspection that requires un-stepping and dismantling the spar. Non- Destructive Testing (NDT) is performed on all standing rigging end fittings as well as a thorough inspection of all other mast components. The Full Service is followed by a sea trial.

Full Service include:
· Un-stepping and dismantling the spar
· Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) – Composite and Metal Parts
· Standing rigging full service or replacement according to the
manufacturer recommendations
· Other parts sent to OEM service centre for service
· Review past follow up report and update recommendations
· Parts replacement (if necessary)
· Repairs (if necessary)
· Upgrades and modifications (if requested)
· Sea trial and Commissioning
· Update Service Log

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